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I am new seller on fiverr. I don't know how to take tips client.


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10 hours ago, mizanur95 said:

Are you a new seller? I can give you some advice
The longer time active fiverr
Send 10 buyer requests every day
Publish the best quality gig
Follow the fiverr roll and stay active on the fiverr forum.

But the buyer request mostly always empty for the unlevel seller, any advice for this ?


Thank you

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It totally depends on quality of your work and  buyers satisfaction. You shouldn't ask them for tips.

What you can do is explain them how professionally you have completed the job and why your work is far better than other sellers. You can also mention that the price of your gig is reasonable compare to other sellers. It will help the buyer to take the decision of giving tips.

Happy Freelancing 🙂 

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