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I am new seller,


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Hi rayhanmahmudsam, 

Few tips To Increase Your Sales: 

1 create smart gigs

2 Make proper use of Gig Extras

3 Overcome the first sale barrier 

4 Stay updated and never miss a thing 

5 Check for buyer requests 

6 Deliver the quality you promised and even better 

7 Build a base of loyal buyers 

Be patient

· https://www.fiverr.com/support/articles/360010451297-How-to-Start-Selling-on-Fiverr?segment=seller

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Here's some suggestions for the gig etc:

The main gig image says "poducts listing service" - I assume it should be "products listing service" or "product listing service"
It also says "Availabl" - I'd change it to "Available".

In the profile:
In the skills section:
"digital marketingg" could be "digital marketing". I'd remove the "digital merketing" one.


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