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Can't find the skills tests anywhere



I've followed the exact instructions:

  1. After having logged in, click your Profile Image > Profile.
  2. On your profile page, click Take a Test as seen on the left panel.
  3. From the category drop-down list, select the skill test you would like to take.
    Note: The search option can also be used to find a skill test.
  4. After carefully reading the instructions, click Start Test.
    Note: Once you pass a test, relevant skills related to the test you took will be marked as verified (with a green checkmark).

I know I was able to access them a year ago, but now they are nowhere to be seen. The left panel has the link to "enroll" in the classes, but there is absolutely nothing about skill tests. This is quite frustrating, as I have not been able to get any explanation so far. Does it work for other people? Is it missing on the site, or is it a problem on my end?

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Yes. When my gig became active/published, I could proceed to test in any other subject available. You don't have to create additional gigs to gain access to tests in the rest of the subjects. But you do have to be active/published for something. The option to test reappeared in the profile menu once I did this. 

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