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Attractive Gig Image let buyers to feel interested on your service


A million-dollar question is asked among new sellers which is, "Why I am not getting any message from the buyer though my gig is on the search page?" Yes, your question is fair enough. I also asked myself while I was new. I visited on Fiverr search with my keyword on regular basis, and go to the other gigs on my category. And saw that the others have many orders in the queue but I am not getting even a message from the buyers. After analyzing some days, I got my answer and I applied the answer to my question on my gig. And yes, I got success. Today, I am gonna share the answer to your question.
At first, let me give you an example. Suppose, you are in a shop and you are gonna buy a watch. So what do you do? You first see some watches from many watches displayed in the store. And then one of them gets your attraction and you talk about the price of your chosen watch with the store manager. Then if the price seems suitable with your budget then you buy the watch.
Now giving you an example of Fiverr. The exact thing is happening here at Fiverr. The buyer comes to the Fiverr search and he searches with his desired service keyword. Then he can see many gigs. Among them, some gigs get his attention and he talks to the sellers of those gigs. If he is happy with his talk with the seller, he orders. 
Now come to the point, there is a major role of the first impression of the product with the buyer to do business in both cases, right? In the first example, a watch got your attention and the same thing happen in the second example too. So the key thing here is the first impression. It's too necessary to do any kind of business. If your product is eye-catching then the customer must come to you. So, your gig image must be an attractive and eye-catching image so that buyers get impressed. This is the key to impress your buyer. 
And you might have a question now, how can I understand my image is eye-catching and attractive. Good question! Go to Fiverr search and search with the keyword on your category. See the gig images of the sellers who are doing good business. Compare their images with yours. If your one is not attractive like their gig images then make your one attractive. (Warning: Please do not copy someone else's gig image, Fiverr will ban you). You can hire an expert to make the gig image for you, or if you are a graphic designer then I hope you can do it on your own. If you make your gig image eye-catching and attractive then the possibility of getting an order increases. Try this, hope you'll be able to understand the difference.
There are a lot of other points to get orders on Fiverr. I will talk about them next time. Wish you all the best!

Tanim Ahamed

UIUX Designer

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