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Don't put this in your gig description!


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On 9/12/2021 at 3:21 AM, smashradio said:

Ok, so you're ready to set up a new gig on Fiverr. You want your gig description to sound smart and intelligent! So you put in a couple of buzzwords and some marketing jargon to impress your buyers. But hold on! You might be doing a mistake! 

First, here's what I mean by marketing jargon and buzzwords: 

They are pointless fancy-sounding fillers meant to replace real meaning. You think it sounds smart, but you're alianating your buyer when using this top-down style of communication. 

Here's an example from a Fiverr gig I came across earlier today: 

"I utilize creativity-driven mindfullness to present upstanding brands by connecting emotional stories with driven clients."

It sounds like something taken straight from a bad "about us" page written by some pompous dude in a rental suit

And it's completely meaningless. After reading that sentence, I still don't know what the seller does. I know he's trying to impress me with fancy words, sure, but frankly, I'm just as confused as I was before reading it. 

He could have just written "I use top-down buzzwords to sound smarter than you. That way, you'll think you need my stuff, and pay me more than it's worth for it"

So let this post be a clear narrative for amitious sellers looking to build consumer-driven actions in a game-changing world of global influencers leading the differentiation by challenging your core business strategy. 

Or in other words: Learn from this if you want to be a successful seller. 

Buzzwords ain't cool, man. 

(Ok, so you can use them, SPARINGLY! But if you want to be clear in your business communication, stop talking down to people, because you might end up alienating your buyers instead of attracting them.)

"Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication."

- Leonardo DaVinci

very informative thank you so much

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