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My first biggest order

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22 hours ago, smashradio said:

Question: do you like to work more, or work less? I mean, if you can earn the same amount of money. If I get an order for a few thousand bucks, it's likely going to take me less time to complete than the same dollar amount in five-dollar-orders. Quality over quantity. This is why I keep raising my rates whenever I get a full schedule. If I'm working, let's say 40 hours per week, and I earn 2000 dollars in that time, split across 10 orders. If I then increase my rates, I might get 8 orders instead of 10, but I would still earn 2000 dollars, and I'd work 35 hours instead. 

So I really don't see the logic in what you're saying. You should want to work less, earn more. Having a huge amount of orders = a huge amount of people you have to communicate with, offering some cheap service to multiple people. If they come back, it will be for more of the same. You'll probably not turn them into thousand-dollar-clients anytime soon. 

But if I get one huge project, and I impress that buyer, the next time, i might get an even bigger project. I could do 2-3 projects per week, earning more than what I do now. That's the way to go; quality over quantity, both in what you do and what you earn, in my opinion. I wouldn't even consider working for anything less than 20 dollars, and that's hiring me to speak for 2 minutes max (and even that is cheap, compared to some of my competition!)

I like to learn. We all have something to learn from each other. One of them might be you. so I would greatly appreciate your suggestions. 

I mean, if I'm able to get the client back to me through my work, then I can also earn $100 working with clients who are paying me $10. Having successfully done that, I just shared my experience. But I didn't say it would be the same for everyone. Quality is more important to me than quantity.

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