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Less money when withdrawing


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Hi all!!

Does anyone know how withdrawing money works on Fiverr?  I have noticed that the price I set on my Gigs are different from the one I see on my clearance dashboard, my balance and even when sending the earnings to PayPal!! Any clue to do not loss more money? 

Btw, my gigs are in GBP (pounds).

Any advice much appreciated!!


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Fiverr does not charge any fees for processing a withdrawal. However, each withdrawal provider has specific fees depending on the type of withdrawal processed.   

If you are withdrawing in a currency other than US$, you will be asked to confirm the withdrawal currency and the amount, which will include conversion fees and will, therefore, appear reduced as it will be the exact amount that will be sent to your withdrawal account in non-US$ after conversion fees are applied.  If you don't wish to withdraw in your local currency, you can update the settings through the link available on the confirmation window.

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