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40 Days have passed and I have not Received any Orders. Now what can i do?


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I can give you some suggestion...

1. Check your gig position First. 

2. If your gig is not a good position then research why is the problem. 

3. Research your gig then if there have any problem edit it and then see how is going.

4. Everyday send buyer request. Before send a buyer request first think why your client satisfied to see your request and how is best to others request is your request. 

5. Stay online with your best try to 24/7 hours.

6. Follow others sellers why they got order everyday what is deferent your gig to their gigs. 

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You could fix the spelling in the gig images. I'd also check the gig titles and descriptions.

Also send offers to buyer requests you can do well. For suggestions for your gigs you could post in the "Improve My Gigs" section.

Also I'd check whether linked-in lead generation is allowed as a service - I'm not sure if it is.

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