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How i get new order?


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17 hours ago, mojibol said:

I am new seller on fiverr. Already i get 1st order. Please suggest me to get new order.


15 hours ago, shahin134053 said:

I'm a Professional Graphic designer.

How to get order's ? 🤔👇

1. stay online as much you can

2. fill up 10 buyer request daily, if you can

3. share  your gig's on social media platfrom because it will help you to get enough impression or clicks or sometimes if you are lucky 😀 you can got the order from their also 🙂

4. try to archive more knowledge if you want you can use fiverrforum and catch the knowledge from experienced seller

5. create eye catching gig's and properly use latest keywords by researching

6. In gig try to give the attractive description so buyer get the right knowledge that why they should choose you, okay

7. Use most attractive gig's image but no copy 🥱 use your best experience their

8. If customer's knock you then try to know what they want and give your offer by thinking their budget and issues, okay

9. In fiverr platfrom many seller's have enough experience by their own knowledge so, why customer's choose you let them to know 🥰

10. After complete the work when you delivery the work, don't loose customer's attraction from you 😇 just give them lifetime feedback if you can 🤫

So, keep go ahead and don't lose your hope 🙂

all the best, wished by turjay 😊

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