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Account Restricted, Now I'm Confused and Annoyed



Hia, Confused and Annoyed here.

Anyway I finally got my very first order! Should be good news right? As I'm happily sketching away for my new client I hear my phone beep. I check my email and BOOM.

"Your Account is Under Review" 


Wait, what?

No warning, no message from CS telling me to alter my gig or question my drawings. Did I maybe write something weird, did I include too many tags?

I check the rest of the message and can not help but laugh. My account is being reviewed for non original and copyrighted work examples. My drawings of my original character and a fanart I spent 34 hours painstakingly drawing are not my own work? Seriously... So what should have been a joyous day as I took my first steps towards self employment and doing what I loved has been marred. I know it was a futile effort, but I sent CS a picture of the date and time on a piece of paper by all of my drawings with layers showing. If anyone knows of any other steps I can take to help my account I would appreciate it. Just very upset about the whole thing marring my excitement over my first order. Despite this ordeal I will do my best for my first and potentially my last client.


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