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Feast 😄 and Famine 😞


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As a full-time freelancer, I've grown accustomed to periods of plenty and periods of scarcity. It doesn't phase me anymore because I can “prospect” my way out of it. However, the past few weeks have been different. I've had a few sales from returning clients but zero new clients on and off Fiverr. This had rekindled the anxiety I used to feel four years ago when I committed to becoming a full-time freelance designer after quitting my 9 to 5 job. This time feels different. It's forcing me to the edge of my imagination. I'm being forced to dream up new ways to add maximum value to my client's life while charging appropriately. Fear has a funny way of inspiring creativity lol.

Anyway, I'm still in my famine period but I've regained most of my lost confidence.  I'll be out of this rot soon.  My audience needs are constantly evolving and I must too. I’m learning to dream bigger, which means looking for more significant problems to solve in the professional lives of my clients.

So to you my fellow freelancers, when there's famine, see that as an opportunity to develop your skills in specific areas because that would help usher in a more enormous feast. When the feast comes, don't be lazy, finish your food. It's a cycle. Don't waste any period.


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