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High skills and "No Client"!


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Hi there..

Here is my honest review:

1. Your 3D animated character gigs portfolio is great.

BUT..., your attitude toward your gig is extremly BAD.

Gigs Descriptions is too short.

Even your "Basic" GIG says : "Quality of animated video will be below average. "

People don't want to spend any money for something below average..


2. I will create architectural visualization images.

I have experience with 15+ years. So.., i know which one is good render or not.

Sorry.., BUT.., your price does not match with your works.

and again.., GIG too short..,


3. 3D logos.., same as #2 gigs.

Sorry to say this again.., but your works is not good.

I don't think you understand how a good 3D logos, and HOW to present your portfolios to your potential customer.


Overall.., to be honest.., i think you are over confident with your skill.

(Beside the 3D character animations --> is great)

PLUS.., you need to learn how to build a successful gigs.



watch this course provided by Fiverr for NEW Seller like you:


I definitely can help you.


Wish you luck,


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In this situation all new sellers suffering from this problem. Each buyer demand 2 level seller and top rated seller. They think that new seller unable to do work properly. It is the exact point. But every sellers need some order. Each buyer  retains one top rated seller. Then what will the new sellers do???? It is not your fault. Work properly without boring You will be succeed one day. Keep in swing....🥇

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1 hour ago, digital_nagmus said:

Each buyer demand 2 level seller and top rated seller. They think that new seller unable to do work properly.

Which is very often true, based on the swarm of unskilled "exparts" from a certain location currently pouring into the site. I would think that the truly skilled sellers from this location would be reigning in the scammers, as they are the ones creating the very problem you are describing. Maybe if they were scolded for lying and scamming by the fellow countrymen it would do some good. But sadly, that is not happening. 

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3 hours ago, umarsaeed702 said:

I don't understand people with little to no skills in what they promise get soo many client and I do get nothing! what is the problem can someone explain.

Given the issues that @ridwansugi discovered, it seems that you have problems with both your skill set, and your gig's ability to convince people to buy. Maybe you need to sell something else, or nothing at all until you discover something you are better at. There are too many sellers who are masters at their craft for mediocre sellers to succeed. The market takes care of that quite nicely.  Good luck. 

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