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Very disappointed since last 5 months


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Hello everyone,
I am a level two seller on Fiverr since last 2 years. I had provided a great service to my clients and also fulfilled all requirements for TRS. But I am very disappointed on the way they making my gig down for last 5 months. I am a WordPress woo commerce expert, have 160+ review of 4.9 star. Where 4.9 ratings with less review gigs are in good rank and getting continue orders. I even made gig video 2 months ago thinking that they might increase my sell. But still the condition is same. I don't understand I do big big project with clients, It's their benefit if I make more money with big projects. Why suddenly they made down to my gig rank for 5 months? This was my only platform to work on and survive with my family. I really didn't find any fault or if there is any solution to improve that. I think that Fiverr don't want me to work here anymore. It's seems they are playing game with more such good sellers like me around the marketplace. If anyone have any better solution or idea for me, please help. I am finding no way but leaving this platform. 

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