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Please give your expert opinion about my gig


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Already you published the gig and know you want to how to improve. Gig depends 4 section. Image, title, descriptions and keyword(most probably we have focus those section). So before publish gig try to make those section nicely but you have to chose best keyword for get gig rank or more impression and click.

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39 minutes ago, monzurul_design said:

Thanks in advance 

I personally really really dislike this

"To build a reputation in fiverr, I will make logos for $5-10. But the quality of the work will be like $50+."

I totally understand what you're going for - but I'm not sure I'd order from someone who's underselling their work by this much (you are getting 10% of the price you're saying your designs are worth). KNOWING how many logo designs gigs work on here, this would be a MAJOR red flag for me because I'd worry you are overusing templates (or old designs even.) 

(if you genuinely have 8+ years of experience, show it off - and go for it with a higher price. IF you are just starting out (or maybe have less experience) that's completely fine as well, but advertise yourself as such. Not saying that you don't have the experience - I'm sure you do. But... being contradictory especially in such a competetive niche isn't a great thing. 

(but this is all my personal opinion, I might not be right!)

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I created a logo design gig 1 month ago. But after creating, I can’t find the gig in the gig list/pages. I checked the last pages, pages for new gigs but my gig is nowhere to be found.

Naturally there is no click in my gig.

So I need to learn something:

1.     How can I find my gig in the gig list/pages

2.     How can I bring my gig in the front pages to that buyers can find it

3.     How to increase click and impression of my gig

4.     Fiver doesn’t allow me to show my portfolio made in wixsite. But many sellers are showing their portfolio in the gig description. How are they doing this?

My gig link:


Thanks in advance.

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