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I loose my rank for a long time


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Guest freelancerjabir
5 hours ago, designerjoty said:

I do not get any order more than 5 month.

I am very disappointed, What should I do now, 

leave the fiverr or do anything for getting order now,


Did you do any kind of social marketing ? 

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If you lost your gigs ranking there is really only one thing to do and that is to start testing. What I mean is to start trying SEO and marketing techniques.

  1. Try having a video created for your gig, videos rank a lot more than pictures alone.
    1. 80% of online traffic in 2021 and the future will be mainly through videos, so as said Fiverr absolutely loves videos especially if you mention the words "Exclusively on Fiverr" in it.
  2. Update your related tags, try a different set of keywords, especially long-tail-keywords which are 3 or more phrases. It could give you a good chance to fiind low competition words which good searches
    1. Use keyword search tools to help find the best keywords for your gig
  3. Spice up your gig description a little more, add some emojis to it. Highlight Certain words to make them pop out too.
    1. This also goes to your profiles description. Add past experiences, how many years as a graphic designer? Any special areas you work on? etc
  4. Take some Fiverr skill tests, prove your skills to the community and have it shown on your profile. The skills tests on Fiverr will help rank you higher once passed.
  5. Also lastly, I see you're a level two seller but only offering 3 gigs? You have the option to do a lot more gigs, so take advantage of it. Your skills can be expanded into other Graphic Designing areas. Don't rely on one or two gigs, you want to expand and have as many gigs as you can possibly handle.

Hopefully some of these tips can be of some help

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