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My fiverr GIG


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18 minutes ago, hamzaime said:

Hi Fiverr Fellows,

Please visit my gig and suggest me if any improvement needed

From your profile description: 

"Certified or expert in Graphic designing and also doing data entry work for you."

So what is it? Are you certified? Or an expert? Which certification, by the way? From where, if I may ask? 

"I have a working experience of about 2-3 years."

Have you worked for 2 years or 3 years? Which is it? Also, do you think you become an expert in 2-3 years? Most low-grade university educations take longer, and they don't make you an expert. 

"I have an expert team of about 3 members". 

Do you often change the number of experts in your team? 

" I hope that you will satisfy with my work"

So you want the buyer to satisfy you with your work? 

"So don't think just place an order for our better services"

When a seller or service provider asks me to not think, I immediately say "RED FLAG!" and move on. You see, when it comes to business and where I spend my hard earned money, I actually do like to think. Thinking is what got me here. I'm not going to stop thinking now. 

"better services"? Better than what? 

"File Conversion, PDF to Word, Word to PDF, MS Excel, MS power point, Ms Word, Translation, Web Research, Basic Photo Editing Bac"

You're offering logo design. I guess "basic photo editing" is exactly what a buyer looking for a logo will want. Or not. 

FIle Conversion: you can do this for free, automatically, by simply googling "file conversion". 



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On 9/9/2021 at 11:49 AM, newsmike said:

Me and my expert staff of roughly 5 assistants literally spit coffee across the room on this line.



O really kindly don ;t make laugh about my gig description guide me if you can otherwise you do not have an right to make laugh and dishurt any new fellow with your comments 

If you have such a skills so please show me and write an gig description template

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4 minutes ago, hamzaime said:

guide me if you can otherwise you do not have an right to make laugh

No one here is your guide. This is a business website, and if you can't communicate properly in English, then you should either learn to do so, or find another profession. So yes, we do laugh at people who show up with no skills, and no English and expect to be spoon fed. Honestly, you don't even know how many assistants you have.  That's funny. 


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