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Is Fiverr now charging more from sellers than what it used to do??? [FIVERR TAXXX]


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So I recently completed an order (was a very small order of $20).

So technically I am supposed to get $16 (Deducting the 20% fees that fiverr usually takes which completely makes sense).

But a $0.20 extra was charged from me as taxes which I am totally unaware of and as a result I got $15.80 as my final payment.

Now I don't have any particular issue of such a small amount being deducted, but i wanted to have atleast the info of why is it happening in the first place. I request everyone if you do have the info/knowledge about this issue please do let me know, it will be a great help.

Please refer the attach Screen shot for reference.




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1 minute ago, seven_sign said:

Someone else was saying about this last month.
I will suggest you to contact fiverr support for an explanation about this.

Yeahhh that makes sense, but I didn't wanted to bother them for such a small issue so that't why thought of asking here in the forum itself.

Well, let's see if I don't get any satisfactory answer I might have to do that eventually.

Thanks for your response though, i appreciate it.

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This is because of the laws set in your country. It only applies to certain locations based on the laws in their country.

I see your country is India. 

Read more about it here:


In order to collect, report, and deliver accurate tax information to the relevant Indian tax authorities, Fiverr is required to collect certain data from India-based sellers - as well as from Indian buyers who purchase from Indian sellers. 

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