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Cancelling / Feedback removal for funds cleared Order

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Guys, I have done one label for a guy while the brief was not clear and I have asked him to ask for modification with a clear brief so I can finish it up. But he was disappeared more than a month and suddenly popped up with a NEGATIVE feedback 😦 He haven’t respond for my message and Im in trouble. F CS says they can cancel but need the buyer’s permission for removing the -fb. I do not need to take his money and I need to refund him but same time to remove the fb. How to do this since the RESOLUTION center is closed :(( please help me out!!



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Try and get to his listed gigs and contact the buyer directly through there.

Once contacted, offer him a refund and/or a redo…

And make an agreement for him to change the review.

However if he does not have a listed gig it’s unfortunate since fiverr can’t contact a user for a user at all.

Fiverr will not remove it unless both party’s agree.

Best Of Luck,

🙂 Joe

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