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Does Pricing affect gig ranking?


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First of all, I'd like to appreciate all your comments on my posts... But I still have some pressing issues.

Does pricing affect gig ranking?

Like, can i outrank a seller with a $20 basic with my $5 gig?

take for instance, all the sellers on the first page has a basic gig of $10 to $20 and above, do i stand a chance of ranking on the first page of my niche with $5 basic gig.


As usual, all comments are welcomed.

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I highly doubt that the price you put affects your “ranking” 

price, title, description etc are made just to connect you with buyers that are most likely to buy your services and they don’t really affect your gig “ranking”. 
That “ranking” is also not really a ranking because search algorithm is fluid and results are changing, different person might see your gig on a different position from where you see it based on their search history. And gigs are also rotating and positions are not permanent. 

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