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How to rank my gig?


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Take 15 steps for your Gig Rank.

1. Write a good title. 
2. Choose the correct category and sub-category. 
3. Identify the correct metadata.
4. Recharge Gig Search Keyword and provide the correct keyword. 
5. Show clear pricing . 
6. Display a sorted description. 
7. Give as much FAQ as possible. 
8. Upload an interesting gig image. 
9. Create good portfolio images. 
10. Stay in a more active Fiverr. 
11. Send 10 buyer requests every day. 
12. Of course, write a spectacular cover letter. 
13. Quickly replay the buyer's message. 
14. Speak in elegant language.
15. Follow the rules of fiverr.


Please follow the steps for attractive gig image.

  • If you want to do this you must recharge more gigs.
  • Follow how they tried to make Gig attractive.
  • Get a much better idea from their gig image.
  • Remember, gig images of others cannot be used in any way.
  • Of course you have to know the basic of Photoshop.
  • Even if you don't know, you can learn by visiting YTB.

Thank You

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