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Bad Cs experience


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Here is the story


A few days ago i had to cancel a gig i bought, the seller was not very happy, but he accepted the cancellation (80$).


1~ hour after the cancellation, i got an email that {per your request, we closed your fiver account}


I was very confused, so the next day they reactivated my account, and i saw that someone used my account to buy another gig for 80$, the seller was brand new, and it took him (5 minutes) to complete the gig.


So my account got hacked, i am 100% sure it was the previous seller, who i had to cancel the gig, but that is another story.


Now it's over 3 days, my account still not got back my money, and is still restricted so i can not make any sales. The support is not very fair to fix the issue...

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