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Someone please tell me how this makes any sense!


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I wrote an article for a client and turned it in about 12 hours before the deadline (9/3.

Client requested revisions, but didn't actually want revisions, they wanted to modify the order for some extra work. We messaged about it and they said they needed it as soon as possible, so I told them I would try to do it Friday night. I modified the order for the additional work and put a 1-day extension on the job to give myself 24 hours to do the extra stuff.

Client did not accept the modified order Friday, so I did not do the work. I messaged them 3 times in about 24 hours letting them know they would have to accept the modification for me to do the work.

Did not hear from client on Saturday, Sunday, or Monday.  On Tuesday the client accepted the modification out of the blue without any return messages. The 24-hour extension clock then started, but it started retroactive to when I MADE the offer, NOT when the client ACCEPTED it. Thus, according to Fiverr, the order was due on 9/4, since I made the modification offer on 9/3, and then automatically marked itself as being late by 3 days!

I get an email saying I have missed a delivery, and that I need to turn it in as soon as possible to avoid a mark on my rating. I contacted customer service. The first time they looked at the wrong order and told me everything was fine. When I screenshotted it, they responded and said:

I appreciate the update.
I see the correct order number now and I checked the order. I'm afraid that you are correct, the order was marked as late.
In this specific case, the Order Extra reset your order timer, as you are probably aware.

For future reference, when adding Order Extras, make sure to check the delivery clock to make sure that it reset so you can issue an extension request to prevent it from being late.
Please bear in mind that Customer support is not able to manually remove the Late notice or reverse order status.
I hope you understand. I will be there if you need anything else.


I am in utter disbelief. How can this make any sense? I'm being punished for offering to do work for a client the same night to help them out, but they didn't accept the modification for 4 days, and now it's my fault? 

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