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completed 2month+ as a buyer and got promoted to level 1 seller

Guest rahulnath2316

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Guest rahulnath2316

Usually, I don't like writing stuff because I'm much more into codes :p. 

But I wanted to share my experiences as a newbie freelancer. So it was started three months back when I created my first gig. I didn't get anything in my first week, but I was getting 2,3 orders in the second week. I completed them before time since it was pandemic, and I was free. Then after one month, I was flooded by requests, daily I was getting 3 to 5 requests. I had to pause my gig to complete previous requests (never do this). 

After that, I paused my gig for more than one month+ and maybe because of this Fiverr algorithm decreased my gig's reputation or something like that, and I'm not getting any requests xD.

It might take time to get back to normal. It's just a suggestion to new sellers DO NOT PAUSE your gigs.

~Thank You


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