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Hello everyone any suggestions for me?


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17 minutes ago, hasibu_iftee said:

I am a Professional Full Stack Web Developer 
Check Out My Gig


7 minutes ago, akibzabed911 said:

Hello all,

I am a Social Media Marketing expert. 😊

Today I published a GIG, please visit my GIG and tell me if there you get any wrong or missing objects.

Here it is 👉 https://www.fiverr.com/s2/10c3a7cab7

Best regards to all of you.

Happy Fiverring........ 🎆🎇

Please publish your topics under "My Fiverr gig" or "Improve my gig" category.

This category is for new user introduction.

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Hello everyone 

New sellers are welcome to Fiverr Forum.

New sellers are increasing day by day. Fiverr is a big platform.

Skilled people can shine in Fiverr. If you have skill then develop it for future. But if you don't have any skills then just make it. Skill take a major role in Fiverr. 

If you are Professional in this format no one can't stop your orders. 

People ask when will they get first order. Well actually it’s not that easy. All that i can say just stay calm and don't lose hope. Every second matters in your life. 

Just one second can change your life. 

Thank You 


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7 hours ago, hasibu_iftee said:

But if you don't have any skills then just make it.

Wouldn't it be better advice to say, "If you have no skills, learn to code, or drive a taxi, or push a kebab cart.... but DON'T make a gig, because it brings the entire platform down when thousands of unskilled people lie about their qualifications in an attempt to pickpocket a $5 bill fraudulently?"

I like my sentence better. 

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