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Finally completed 100th order with $90 tip! Average selling price $284! The Journey with fiverr.com


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On 9/7/2021 at 2:16 PM, jewel4u said:


It was not a easy journey. The struggling  began at 2015 after my father's death. I completed my graduation in 2015, then after complete my graduation started study for jobs and in that mean time I was living in a boarding(mess) and living by education for food! ( its like I was a teacher of a kid and they give me 3 times food for giving 1 hour teaching). The boarding monthly rent was near about $6 per month. So with something like $10 I was passing each month in those days during end of 2015 to first of 2017 as my father was the only earning member of my family. In last of December 2015 I got a scholarship from a programming course conducted by Ernst & Young LLP, India under Leveraging ICT for Growth, Employment and Governance (LICT) Project of Bangladesh Computer Council (BCC), ICT Division, People's Republic of Bangladesh on "Web Design" under NASSCOM IT-ITES Sector Skill Council (SSC) Certification. The program is certified by George Washington University, USA. 

In 2016 I heard the name of "fiverr.com" from my course teacher and I opened my fiverr account. After completed this project/course I was searching for job in IT company but as fresher and trained in "web design" was not such a demandable, all they want "web developer". I failed to get a job as a web designer in that time. In February ,2017 by the reference of my college teacher I got a job as a school teacher (internship ICT teacher)  in a English medium school. As I completed my graduation in my local language English was very tough in that time because all lectures has to deliver through English language. The salary was only $55/month as a intern teacher(that's a lot in that time to me!) . I survived a lot for English was not habituated language . Gradually I habituated English language( listening , speaking , writing ) in that school with the English environment. In the mean time I completed my post graduation with a very good result. 

In 2018 I got again a chance of scholarship under same program but this time course was for WEB DEVELOPMENT . I took the chance and started the class of this course. During those course I was wake up at 7am and back from outside at 10pm. All day long I was busy with (school job 8am-2.10pm, course class 2.30pm - 6.30 pm, Tuition 7pm-9.30pm). After completing the the development course I become a full stack developer and started fiverr journey from June , 2018. I got my first order at June, 2018 and second order in July with a $5 tip! I was so happy!  at December, 2018 I left my school job and from 2019 started full time freelancing with fiverr.com. 

In 2018 I earned $495, in 2019 I earned $3244, in 2020 I earned $7881, In 2021 I earned $13176 till now by providing high quality work and client satisfaction. 

Fiverr turns over my life into a dream life. Thank you very much.

I can't image now once upon a time my monthly expenses was $10! Fiverr is a miracle in my life. I can feed my family now, can lead a better life 🥰 I couldn't imagine also one time that I could marry someone! I am married now , having a peaceful life with my princess and going to be a father in next year Insha Allah 😊.



Thank You Almighty 

Thank You everyone 😊

I am sorry if this post doesn't meet this topic, I am new here in forum. Trying to reach the forum environment and learn.







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