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Customer requests full refund and threatens lawsuit after most parts were completed and he voiced his satisfaction


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Hello. I am having a problem with a certain client. I run a rap group that sells opens, which are open spots on our songs and the people who purchases the gig can get themselves a credit in one of our songs.

I had a client buy this option from me, and we went through everything where I made him a beat, recorded my vocals, and then received his vocals and mixed and mastered everything together. The song was complete, and I sent him the final copy of the file. He stated his satisfaction. He mentioned that it 'sounded sick' and that we 'killed it'. I uploaded the song and everything to YouTube and was just waiting for the Spotify upload to process before I did the final delivery.

I noticed the YouTube like ratio was very high compared to what we would usually get, so I simply asked him if those likes were real or not. All he had to do was say no, but all of a sudden he starts acting very aggressive and tries cancelling the order because I was 'accusing' him of botting and being disrespectful. He started insulting me and implied that I was a racist, saying "Would you ask a white artist you were working with that?" I tried to explain that we had already done 99% of the work and now it was just the matter of waiting a few days for the upload to process. He then calls me 'broke as hell' for not cancelling the order and giving him a refund. He threatened to sue me if I didn't give him the money back and take down the song.

He claimed that we were SCAMMING him even though he CLEARLY said that he was satisfied with the song and how it came out. The only reason he began to lash out and ask for a refund was because of one question where we just asked about the source of the likes. I already sent a ticket to support about this but I heard they aren't that good at responding so I thought I would ask for help here.

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8 minutes ago, thepinecone461 said:

I already sent a ticket to support about this but I heard they aren't that good at responding so I thought I would ask for help here.

Most likely fiverr support will just say to keep working with your buyer to resolve your issue. 

in terms of cancellation: on your place I wouldn’t have cancelled. You did the work and you are paid for doing work. His false accusations are not a reason for cancellation. However be prepared that he might leave bad review. (Though for me it’s not the problem because I can leave public reply on his review and sometimes it’s worth even more than the bad review itself). 
However I do understand if sellers agree for cancellation if they don’t have enough orders and reviews to cover for one bad one. 

I highly doubt that he will be able to sue you. If you have all conversations on fiverr then it’s easily traceable what you said and easy to prove that there was nothing racist. 
If you already submitted your song to Spotify then I would’ve wait till the song is uploaded there and deliver the order stating that orders are not eligible to be cancelled after all work is done and that you delivered everything according to his requirements and your gig description. 

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