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How do I get a lot more orders on Fiber?


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47 minutes ago, salina_seo said:

I am a new seller. I have not received any order after trying for a long time. Please tell me what I can do to order now.

First see your gig has rank or not?

looks Your gig appear on search results or not?

How many gig you published .( try to publish 3+ gigs)

Share your gig in social media.

Everyday try to send responsible buyer request . Stay online,

Look your competitors What's provide & what you provide.


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21 hours ago, murad_wp said:

try to active all day,, develop your skills and send buyer request regularly... best of luck...


2 hours ago, armanhossain150 said:

Must be active 12 hour and regularly.

Staying active online is a massive waste of time. Go ahead and improve your skills, do something and don't just wait for orders. They won't fall on your lap.


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