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If you deliver the order late it will count as a late delivery. This affects your on-time delivery stats, and could hurt your ranking. 

If you are more than 24 hours after deadline, the buyer will get an option to cancel the order. You will then get a hit to your cancellation rate. 

You should always make sure you set your delivery time in a way that allows you more time than you actually need. Sometimes, stuff happens that causes delays or things to take longer than you initially planned for. If you expect to deliver in 24 hours, you should set your delivery time to two days and so on, unless you're absolutely sure that you will be able to deliver on time. 

Never - ever - offer unlimited revisions! This is a sure way of attracting bad buyers who will take advantage of you. 

PS. Charging five bucks for a logo with source files, 3D mockups and unlimited revisions is crazy. You're undervaluing your own services here and your buyer knows it. He knows you're not an experienced seller who will stand your ground, and so they will take advantage of you. 

Take yourself and your business seriously. Don't charge five bucks for something like this, as that will attract the bad apples. 

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5 minutes ago, abgraphicbd said:

Thanks For your Valuable Information...But My PC has been Problems....



That's a perfect example of something happening that comes in the way of you delivering on time. It just goes to show that you should always plan for more time than you need. 

In this case, I would try to borrow a computer and complete the work as soon as possible, given that your buyer isn't willing to give you more time. 

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