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I am level 2 seller but on 11th July suddenly my gig got deranked and till now it is deranked. Experts help me.


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Hello, I am level 2 seller on Fiverr with 5 star rating and reviews. On 11th July suddenly my gig got deranked and till now it is deranked. I am getting some orders from my previous clients with 5 star ratings also. I contacted Fiverr support also but they are continuously saying everything alright. Normally my Gig rank on all the targeted keywords on 1st page but now it is there in last 2nd page. Kindly help me to get out from this situation. Thanks.

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Fiverr's algorithm rotates profiles all the time. That's why your gig doesn't always rank on the 1st page. It gives everybody a chance to get orders. Otherwise all the new sellers would continuously be on the last page and that wouldn't really be fair either.

You're a Level Two seller so just keep on doing what you're doing and I'm sure it will rotate back and you'll get a 'better' position on the search pages! 

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Hey Fayyaz,

Just checked your gigs. They are on last page for every keyword. That's why you would not be able to see them in search. |

It happens quite often but only active sellers survive through this. It has happend to me three times in past. Happen again to me since 5th september. 

Last time it got back after 40 days. 

In your case it's looks like 64 days already. Which weird and almost hopeless situiton but don't worry about it. Try spend as much time on platfrom as much possible. Try to win a client or two from buyers request. 

Also, update if 11th July is the extact date when you lost your rankings?

Also, have you made any changes to the gigs?

What's the status of your promoted gigs, are the inelgible, unqualified or normal. Are you still on?

Also, have you cancelled any big order recently?


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