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Writing a response to a cancellation request - pros vs cons



Hi team, there's a few similar topics in the forums but I can't find a specific answer to this.


I've completed an order, followed the brief, but have had my first ever cancellation request. This is due to the buyer deciding that - despite me already supplying the work according to the brief, they don't want an Australian accent (which I clearly state in my gigs and profile that I am an Australian VO) after all.

So even though they have selected 'poor quality of work' their message is saying the work was fine, they have just had a change of mind. Infuriating. 

But I have a feeling if I dispute it I'll be stung with a nasty review, which I'd rather avoid.


So - I've got a bee in my bonnet - is it worth, when accepting the cancellation ( it was a small order) to write a response, explaining my frustration (and explicitly tell them they are forbidden to use my voice... just in case this is a foil to get out of paying for it)? They can't write a review after the order has been cancelled, right?


Are there are repercussion from writing a polite, but strongly worded response?



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Try quoting the terms of service:

"Orders are not eligible to be cancelled based on the quality of service/materials delivered by the Seller if the service was rendered as described in the Gig Page. Buyers may rate their experience with the Seller on the Order Page, including the overall level of service quality received."

Then, if necessary, respond to any negative review indicating the buyer wanted to cancel - after delivery! - because they didn't want something you were clear about in the descriptions and in your discussions. 

My feeling is the buyer just wants free work,  Stand your ground.



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@coerdelion Oh I definitely have a feeling they want to get out of paying, they were not happy with my quote at the beginning, but is it worth having a bad review over? I genuinely don't know. Even being able to respond - cancellations are temporary marks, bad reviews are forever.

It's not a high-paying job, I'm wondering whether I cut my losses, but I also at the same time want to (politely) tell him he's violating the terms of service by cancelling this. 

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10 minutes ago, hikatereynolds said:

So - I've got a bee in my bonnet - is it worth, when accepting the cancellation ( it was a small order) to write a response, explaining my frustration

It is your choice to cancel or not. But to be honest if you have enough reviews I wouldn’t have cancelled on your place. I would’ve declined cancellation stating that it’s written in your gig that you have Australian accent and that they ticked the box that they agree that all information they provided is correct. 
They can’t make people work and then just change their mind. I would’ve rather get a bad review but to write my public response to it. And that would also be a warning for any other people that would want to try to get your work for free and then cancel 

However if you already decided to agree for cancellation then it’s better not to show your frustration as I remember clients still can leave hidden reviews even after cancellation.  You can point out the same facts that orders are not eligible to be cancelled after the delivery and especially when you fulfilled it according to their requirements and your gig description. But at the same time to be nice and agree for cancellation stating that mistakes happen and you’ll agree for cancellation however they wouldn’t be able to use your work as all copyrights will remain with you. 

but again, I wouldn’t have agreed for cancellation 

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This kind of ""misunderstand"" is really commum, the buyer bought thinking that will receive Y but your gig is written that you will delivery X. And more commum than that is the fact that all buyer just notice this when the work is done, so is clearly that is just a excuse to get refound.

One year ago this happen to me, the buyer request to cancel because he was think that i do Y when i do X. I refuse to cancel, so the order was closed and the buyer left a 1 star review just because i refuse to cancel... what happened after? Well the Fiverr Support cancel the order and refund the buyer without contact me.

So i was there with no payment of the work and with a 1 star review. But i had all the proof that my work was done as described and as accepted by the buyer, in other case "how a buyer could say that purchased without read"? No make sense. Even that i was right the CS didn't remove the review, but they paid me back 50% of the order.

So i recommend you writte everywhere what you do: Write in the Packages, Description, Faq, profile... and the most important place: Create in the Gig Requirements a question with a checkbox, in this question you write that you do X not Y, and in the check box you writte something like: I accept and Understand

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If they knew what you delivery and changed what they want, is not your fault. So the work was done as described and there's no reason to cancel, you can check with the Support, but about the review they don't will do nothing.

Even though i recommend you to add this checkbox is the gig requirements, for they mark and confirm what they will receive.

Yes i get a cancelled order and 1 star, but i received the payment back, because i proved that the work was done as described and as accepted by the buyer.

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