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Payout options to Revolut and N26


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I just saw a discussion about Fiverr payout options, where it was talk of having Fiverr offering transfers to local banks. I don't believe that's a feasible option because of the complicated process, workload and fees that would imply. 

But, there is one thing that would greatly benefit many freelancers: offering more options for fintech providers like Revolut and N26. These are "virtual" banks with no offices and have become very popular amongst many freelancers lately. 

They offer cheaper rates, faster transfers, and solutions tailored to freelancers. 

Currently, the way to get money into Revolut from Fiverr would be to set up the IBAN you get there via Payoneer, or do it via Paypal, to the account or directly to the card. It works, sure, but it's more work and the fees at Paypal is a mood-killer. 

Banks are slow, tedious and... well.. slow. Especially on international transfers outside of the EU. 

If there's one platform that should be working with the fintech industry, it's Fiverr. I would love to just click a button and have my funds in my Revolut account. 

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