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Is there a problem with my gig? I can't work. Please help me


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These are my suggestions/comments:

Gig: I will instagram followers and engagement
The gig title isn't really clear - what does "I will instagram followers..." mean - what will you do about instagram followers?

In the FAQ section:
It says "What can i do for those who area not active From my Instagram account?" - I assume you mean "who are..." not "who area" in that,
but your answer of "Yes sir i can do this for you too." doesn't really make clear what you will do.

"What massage should i send..." could be "What message should I send..." in question 3.
"Of course give me a massage fist sir." could be "Of course send me a message first." in answer 3 (but it doesn't really answer the question - the question was what message should they send before ordering).

In your packages I'm not sure you should say you'll increase followers by a specific amount, even though you're saying you'll do it organically because it's not something you have complete control over (see community standards).

In the profile:
In the line of text under the user name: Maybe change "marketar"

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