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Verify Seller Credentials

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Roughly once every 30 days I have a nightmare buyer. I suspect many sellers are nodding their heads at that statement. This month, Dan arrived in my queue, where he proceeded to accuse me of plagiarism and the following: “The language sounds geared more towards someone with above average financial knowledge.” I hold myself out to be a technical finance writer on Fiverr, I certainly hope I would craft something with above average financial knowledge!!!

The article I wrote was regarding how to save for college expenses with a college savings calculator, very straightforward. Apparently there was one sentence overlapping with a CNN article on the same subject. This is not overly surprising to me because the basic financial principles would be the same for any trained financial planner being asked to write about this question.

While I was most definitely offended, and as those of us trained manually on plagiarism rules would agree - Copyscape is not the authority on human brain activity! So I pointed out that I am a certified financial planner and would naturally write about certain education planning concepts because those concepts are not original thoughts, they are widely accepted and have been around for decades. I felt the CNN sentence was simply a coincidence and I stood by my writing. Here is the message I sent:

  • Me: I am a certified financial planner, I think the wording is just a coincidence. I definitely read a lot about college planning calculators this morning while working on your project but the article is definitely not plagiarized. Financial wisdom is what it is - I can’t change good advice. You simply want that sentence rewritten? -Tracy

  • Dan: wow! I’ll change the wise wording. I’m certified in certifications.

    So he goes on to be insulting and the transaction is still not closed which wastes my time. I offer to cancel, he won’t accept. I offer to revise, he won’t tell me what he wants. I lose my patience and throw my computer against the wall. Just another day in the life of a Fiverr seller 🙂

    So Fiverr, my dear dear Fiverr, I ask of you - would it be possible to somehow verify seller credentials? I feel like this buyer just laughs at the idea of a Fiverr seller being a highly educated and qualified professional in real life. I really have no recourse at this point but it would be nice to say, “Did you look at my credentials?”

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Verify seller’s credentials? Why would you need that?

You can always make a scan of your diplomas and put them as an image to your gig description.

Anyway, if it is related to potential plagiarism, there is no guarantee that person with diplomas will never do it. There are even prime-ministers got caught copy-pasting between 50-70% of their doctorate research.

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