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Should I have a Brand name on my Fiverr profile?



Hi guys. I saw some fiverr sellers talking online about how is important to have a Brand name on a fiverr seller profile.

Is it true? I mean, my fiverr profile is just my first name but it's different from my company name.

Why Fiverr doesn't allow you to change the username on the fiverr profile?

I've already worked very hard to get the reviews on my current fiverr profile, should I keep using it or should I just open a new fiverr seller account with my Brand/Company Name? Does it really matter for branding purposes?

Thank you.


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46 minutes ago, rachelbostwick said:

Your name is fine. It's great. My profile name is just my name. Go make the name of "Lortui" very famous 😄

Thank you! A top seller I know told me I should just use my brand name/company name on fiverr but I've to delete this account and start all over from scratch lol getting reviews it's been hard on my main account so I don't want to delete it lol

I can still add my Company name on my profile Bio right? That's what some sellers are doing

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Anyone else had a similar issue? I found out there are more and more Companies names on Fiverr instead of real user names.

I'm just worried if this could impact my Brand in the future since I bill my customers (outside of Fiverr) with my company name on the invoice.

So if they search for my company name they cannot find anything on Fiverr. Or probably they could find my company name in my Bio? 

What was your experience while growing your Brand on Fiverr? (either using your name or your company name)?

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