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I'm still getting a lot of "Sorry I clicked the order button by mistake please cancel the order"


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How do you deal with that? except acceding with the buyer? and then it hurts your cancellation stats.

I think the introduction of Fiverr App is causing this “I clicked the order by mistake” hoopla even more?

Cancelling the order from the buyers side should be made easier so that buyers wouldn’t have to message the seller “I ordered by mistake please cancel” triggering the clock thus starting the order in the process. I’m not sure how perhaps a really visible button that says I ordered by mistake, please cancel.

If the order was made by mistake then it’s the buyers responsibility not the seller.

This issue is just so frustrating. Is there a way to request a mutual cancellation after the order has already been started without affecting the seller’s stats?

I would really appreciate your thoughts/advice. Thank you in advance.

Sheriff’s Note: Moved to Fiverr FAQS.

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