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Let's see what are my opinions :::
**** when a gig gets the order (and the amount is also fact) 
• that the order is delivered on time 
• that delivery has no revision 
• get 5 star 
----- then gig immediately comes forward (sometimes - 30/40 similar gigs go behind that gig)
** Besides, daily a few hours forum will help you to gather knowledge 
• get expert's tricks from the forum 
** gig sharing on social media & blogging sites
(like quora/reddit helps a lot)
also fb/tw/youtube/pin/git/insta/slideshare etc
** Order conversion rate affect also
 (how much you get a knock and how much you convert into order)  
- say 10 clients knock you - you can take 4 orders (40% conversion ratio)
** view vs click ratio (impressions) 
 also, help to change gig rank (when client searches - gets your gig - but he didn't click on it) - that means view VS click ratio: 1:0. 
This should be 1:
** Few orders with no cancellation, no late delivery & positive reviews give a great boost to your gig 
** Returning buyers will help your gig to rank (I mean get multiple orders from a client) - new update/algorithm

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