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When Fiverr Will Add Hourly Features ?

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I got frustrated with some buyers, most buyers want to keep us busy for no reason and asking additional, and to prevent this i think the best option us charge them hourly but feature is not available on fiverr, and when custom work or fixing issues which has not defined time & cost. 



do you think fiverr should add hourly based work feature?

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3 hours ago, sofiasman said:

I think many sellers would assume that "it takes five hours to do this" means "it will be done in five hours from now", as if we don't have other projects or need things like, you know, sleep. 

Exactly. Most people here on Fiverr want flexibility anyways, plus hourly stuff can be prone to abuse.. Since buyers might force you to say X gets done in 10 hours, but you spend 20 to finish, and you only get paid for 10. That's why people want project based payments, if you can fulfill the requirement quicker, that's even better.

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