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Tips for a new seller?

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18 hours ago, enunciator said:

I think the intended purpose of the thread went over the heads of all the replies thus far...

1. I don't think it determines "where" your gig shows up, but is just a rough indication of "how often" it has appeared in search results/on the site over the past 24 hours. Having a higher number probably correlates with having a better placement, as very few people click all the way back to page results 3 thru 10.

2. Not receiving a review is completely normal and entirely within the prerogative of the buyer. There are many reasons why a buyer might not leave a review, and that's entirely valid and up to them. Anyways, no review is far preferable to a mixed/negative review. Freelancers work for money; reviews are just a (hopefully nice) extra.

3. Remove offering unlimited revisions on your premium package. Unlimited revisions is far more of a hassle, headache, and potential liability than it is worth. I don't know why you list yourself as two different names:


Be aware that off-platform communication is prohibited unless clearly permitted otherwise by Fiverr staff. Your username is gonna be tricky for people to type correctly, what with how many repeated letter A's are in it, but I guess you are stuck with it now.

Frankly, that’s the reason I list myself as two names, since I’m @0aaniel everywhere else, incl. Behance, Dribbble, LinkedIn, but sadly there’s no way of changing my Fiverr as of yet, and I’m not keen on creating a new account, because I’ve already made progress on this one. So yeah, I’ll remove the second handle, but sadly I don’t think I can do much for changing my Fiverr.

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On 9/1/2021 at 10:36 PM, daaaaaaniel said:

Hi everyone,

I am a new Fiverr seller and I’m having difficulty understanding how the algorithm works.

1. Do impressions and clicks contribute to where your gig appears amongst others?

2. I have completed my first order, but unfortunately, the buyer hasn’t left a rating for my work, though I believe I have done everything correctly, incl. the communication. Since asking for ratings is not allowed, have I done something wrong? How can I improve for the future?

3. Since I’ve already made a thread, is there any chance any of you guys review my gig, images, description, etc. and guide me to how I can make them more attractive for buyers?


Thanks in advance.

Much love ❤️ 


Thank a lot

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