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My Account was credited and then the money disappeared



I had a canceled order of $131.88 and cancellation my account appeared to be credited with the amount. 

I made another order expecting ffiver to use that money but instead payment of $5 was made with my credit card!

Then my credit turned to $0

I wrote to ffiver and my case with closed “solved” without anyone contacting me.

I’ve had to spend another $45 using my Credit Card again! 
Kindly advise how I can solve this issue because my case is being closed without any feedback or a response.
thank you. 




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I have all my balance completely taken as well, luckily it was not a huge amount. I sent 2 support tickets which were closed with indication "solved" without an explanation.
Obviously this is done by the operators, or the support staff are aware of what is happening and stay silent.

At least you would think that they have the decency to give an explanation for your missing funds! If it is a bug, at least commit to an investigation and respond to the users with something.

Silence is usually a sign of guilt. This was a nice platform, but if thievery is starting, then I am just staying clear for now.


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