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Copyright usage of materials from gig



Hello, I am interested in purchasing some recipes on Fivver. The gig(s) states that it comes with the recipe and detailed instructions how how to use the recipe, hints and tips. On the Fivver page it says "On the Fiverr platform, buyers are granted all rights for the delivered work, unless otherwise specified by the seller on their Gig page."  

Can I use the extra information commercially since it is included in/as the delivered work and is not stated that it isn't?


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If you want to be certain, ask the Seller(s) you're considering. 

Recipes are one of those weird things in the copyright arena that have a unique rule. Specifically: lists of ingredients cannot be copyrighted, but all the extra stuff is (images, hints, tips, commentary). So, that's something to consider when you're looking at a Seller's pricing and what they include (and don't include) in their gigs in comparison to other Sellers. 

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