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How to Improve Your English INSTANTLY With Almost Zero Effort


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Grammarly is helpful if you just need a spell and grammar checker. The problem with most of the sellers you describe is that they just don't understand the language, and grammarly won't help with that. Grammarly can help you improve, but there has to be something there to improve in the first place.

There's a big difference between dealing with a buyer/seller that has a few typos and unnatural sentences, but has a clear thought process and is able to communicate or dealing with a buyer/seller with totally indecipherable messages, even if they are grammatically correct and error free.  So if you're at the point where grammarly would have a real impact, we're talking diminishing returns, you'll probably be "good enough" without it (unless you're offering writing services, but then you should already be pretty good at it anyway).

Many of these sellers don't know how to think. That's the real problem. That they don't know how to think in English is just a corollary.

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12 hours ago, rajibbapy said:

First of all thanks @smashradioYou provide great stuff here. As a Non-native English speaker I really love using Grammarly but never think about the pro version. I think I should check it out. Thanks once again!

It can certainly be useful. But as I think I've mentioned before, Grammarly can't save you if your English is already bad, because many suggestions from the tool are completely useless and will actually make your writing worse. You need to know when to not use its suggestions. So you need at be proficient before it can help you in any way. I've seen some strange posts on the forum thanks to Grammarly. 😂

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