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What is Google Tag Manager (GTM)?

Google Tag Manager is a tag management solution that acts as a middleman between a website (or a mobile app) and 3rd party tracking tools.


Google Tag Manager Account Structure 


  • Tags - Tags are tracking codes that tell GTM what action to take on that page.
  • Example: Sending a pageview hit to Google Analytics.
  • Triggers - Triggers specify the conditions under which a Tag should fire.
  • Example: A trigger with a condition to only fire a Tag when a user views URLs containing the path /blog/.
  • Variables - Variables are values used in triggers and tags to filter when a specific tag should fire.
  • GTM provides built-in variables and allows you to create custom user-defined variables.


Example: A ‘click’ class variable has a value name (such as a word string) assigned to buttons on the website.



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