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Buyer requested a dispute but i did nothing wrong. How do i counter this?



A day ago someone purchases my gig. Then after they wanted a dispute with the reason “I need my money back”

If i accepted the request, my stat will be affected. If i declided, they might give me a low rating upon order completion

I’m not sure what to do, anyone who happens to encountered this before, could you give me some tips? Im kinda frustrated 

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If the buyer didn't send you any requirements or you didn't work on that yet or you feel buyer is not a good one to deal with, then you can reach customer support, explain the reason, and ask favor to cancel the order from their end and also help you to avoid cancellation affect on your completion rate and metrics.

But if it's because of your poor work quality then better to accept the cancellation.

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Don't allow them to take advantage of you. Stand your ground and take the negative review. In the long run, letting buyers use you for free work is way worse than getting a single negative review. 

I'm a Top Rated Seller. I got where I'm at because I take myself and my business seriously. Don't let your clients step all over you. If you did the work you deserve to get paid. 

I stood my ground when I experienced this (the buyer asked me to do more work for free) and I got a 1 star review because of it. I'm still here. 

And if the buyer threatens you with a bad review, just say that threats are against the terms of service, and that you'll be contacting customer support about it. 

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