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My Gig Don't show up


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Have you gone through all pages? You may have missed it. If you've recently updated your profile it can sometimes disappear momentarily but will be back up and running in no time. Make sure your keywords for your gig align with your service offerings. A great way to check this is to go on your top competitors pages for the same or similar service and scroll down past their reviews. They will have their gig tags listed. This is what they mainly rank for in search.

Hope that helps!

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21 hours ago, subajee24 said:


is this effect much as ? 

Yes! This is a significant factor on gig ranking. If you cant respond to clients then Fiverr wont favor your gig. Remember they are a business and they want people who are responsive to customer needs. This status needs to be up 90% plus at ALL times. You need to work on your response time to be under 4 hours. The less the better! Download the Fiverr app on your phone immediately so that if you get enquiries you can respond straight away. Even if you are busy you can simply say.

" thanks for your interest in my gig, I will get back to you soon with a response."

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