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Buyer ordered by mistake and it affected my gig performance


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The buyer ordered by mistake and raised a mutual cancellation isuue. I had to cancel. Now it affects my performance rate saying order completion rate is below 90% and i cant go to the next level seller. What to do now? Please let me know if you can help. 

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There is nothing to do now. Wait to lift up your completion rate to 90% again to get the level.
This cancellation will affect you for a duration of 60 days. after that it will no longer be counted for the term of completion rate.
In the meantime complete couple of orders to increase your completion rate.

And in future if you face this type of cancellation issue again then,

Simply decline the dispute with a text that, This will affect your metrics and completion rate. Have patience, this order will be cancelled by customer support soon.

Then reach to customer support with a ticket fromhttps://www.fiverr.com/support_tickets/new/order and explain support team why you want to cancel the order. And also ask favor to avoid any negative impression on your completion rate and metrics.

They will do it happily and it will not affect you in any way.

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Sometimes it happens, I think that almost every seller had the same issue, but you can't do anything, CS team can cancel an order without affecting your rates, but buyers doesn't want to wait, so we have what we have. Unfortunately, this is the reality - just keep working, finish your next orders to fix your rates, this is all that you can do

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Guys, I have a solution for this. 

If the buyer ordered by mistake then there is no need to worry. It's not your mistake and Fiverr understands that, You just need to submit a request to customer support and give them a genuine reason and proof that the buyer admits their mistake and ask them nicely that It's not my mistake please cancel the order without affecting my analytics. Simple is that your analytics will remain the same and it will also not affect your search ranking.

And, If the buyer is in a hurry and the agent is not responding, tweet on Twitter that I need urgent support regarding my order, the buyer is in hurry. My request number is (#*****) and tag Fiverr support. You will get the response within 1 or 2 hours. 

You can also get your analytics back If It's canceled by customer support by simply explaining to them that It wasn't your fault and they will set back your analytics.

I'm a professional seller with more than 700+ reviews and 1300+ completed projects(Alhamdulillah). I never had any order canceled that affects my analytics because of the buyer. It's a 100% best solution to avoid such cancellation effects. 

I always do this and If It helps you give a like.



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