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Why would you want to do that? If you are considering creating a new account because you are not getting any orders a new account will not help you get more orders. 

Your problem as I see it is that your gig image is not eye catching enough for a buyer. It is good you have a bold "Data Entry" to catch the buyer's eye but a black and white keyboard is boring.

Also your gig title is not good: I will do data entry, copy pas, web res, lead gen, ty, virtual ass 

Are you aware you have spelling errors and even a word that is a curse word in English in your title? 

It would be best for you to make new gigs with great gig thumb nails. You can make up to 7 gigs as a level 0 seller. Each one will get impressions. If you have more gigs you get more impressions and a better chance at getting clicks. But make sure your spelling is correct! 

13 minutes ago, hasnahena492 said:

I went to permanently delete and again open account same address

If you do make a new account you will need a new e-mail address. That is what I was told by a friend who deleted their account and them made a new one.  

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