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My client wants to move a conversation outside of Fiverr




I would like to ask for advice.

My client wants to place more than one order with me (portraits for many people). We started with one order (one person). I sent a preview of finished work for him to accept it before my delivery and he accepted it but he also sent me his WhatsApp, requesting further contact outside of Fiverr. He explained that he wants to keep the billing on Fiverr but move the conversation outside because he's working with a team and having to go back and forth is really time consuming for him.
I wrote back immediately that it is not possible, accoring to strict Fiverr rules on that matter and I just must not contact him on WhatsAap.

The client repeated the same request again, I responded with delivery and once again said that I am very sorry, but the conversation must remain on site.

Although the client previously talked about how he wants the job done quickly, now he doesn't accept my delivery. He found my Instagram instead and asked to contact him there.

I think that due to the fact that feedback will be given by more people outside of Fiver, he really doesn't want to deceive me and movig the conversation to another site is just convenient for him (he has a lot of good reviews as a buyer too).

However, I am still afraid that by sending him my sketches on Instagram, I will be accused of violating Fiverr's rules. I did not write back to him yet, I plan on just waiting for delivery acceptance but I am afraid that if I do not write him back on Instagram, he will give me a bad review.

What would you do in my situation?

Thanks in advance.

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Please read my message carefully...

1. You can't communicate outside of this marketplace. If your buyers tried to force you to do that then not a problem from your site here ( marketplace ) but never try to reach them outside of this marketplace. 

2. Suppose your buyer said, if you didn't respond back to him outside of this marketplace then he will write bad feedback here (  not a problem, tell this marketplace customer support here and also mention everything there with some screenshots. Don't worry about your bad feedback this marketplace will check that and also remove that for you )

3. Also if this guy didn't accept this order and still now trying to forcing you to communicate outside of this marketplace then not a problem, reach this marketplace customer support and explain everything there with some screenshots. Then they will let you know your next steps...  

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