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What are the ranking factors of the gig?


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  • Reviews
  • Hidden feedback (feedback left after an order is complete, but that's only visible to Fiverr, not to you or buyers)
  • Response rate/time (how fast you respond to messages)
  • Conversion rate (how many who click your gig ends up buying from you)
  • Click-through rate (how many click on your gig when it shows up in the search results)
  • Gig SEO (how well it's optimized for any given keyword)
  • Cancellation rate (should be as low as possible, so avoid cancelling orders unless you have to)
  • Seller level (to a certain extent, since gigs are rotated in the results and this includes new sellers)

And probably a bunch more we don't know about. But that's the main ones I can remember off the top of my head. Some are more important than others. 

To rank well you need to keep your buyers happy, deliver something of value and quality at the right price, and make sure your gig is well optimized. I wrote a guide on optimizing gigs for search: 

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