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I'm New to Fiverr. Please give advice to me


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  • ahamed_shif changed the title to I'm New to Fiverr. Please give advice to me

It will be helpful when you will open a GIG! 😇

Find out which services have a low competitor.
2) Find Out attractive titles that are not matched with other gigs titles.
   ( Use the main keyword of the your services ) Short Title is good to 
    get ranking and order.
3) Make a supper attractive Gig images that are related to your services.
    try to avoid using too much text on the gig image.

4) Setting up the right category about your service.
5) Please use 5 unique tags !! 
6) Brief professionally and clearly about your services and work process in the description value.
7) Add FQ ( think like a buyer what question you have about buying this gig and keep the answer.
😎 Keep the best price for your packaging ! Don't think about low price. Keep always Honest price.

After Published the GIG

Check Out Buyer Request.

> Chose which request are related in your services  gig.
Write great proposal  TiPS: 

Check out the brief on which services are needed. what is the company name? what category of work need?
find out any keyword if the buyer mentions it on the request.
Now start writing the proposal

you can start it by Greeting...…
then write a short brief about your work process.
ask him any question if you need.

and always try to send few samples related the request project .

Hopefully  it will be helpful for get Oder!!

Marketing :

You can share your gig on your social media platform.
important Think is add peoples on you social media who are 
interested in buying service . How!!!!!!!!

are you using twitter ?? if yes then i can suggest you just add USA. AUS, CANDIAN 
I mean targeted County peoples. Who do any job or already have a business. CEO, 
Then Design a ads what service you provide make any offer. attach some sample or portfolio link.
write short massage and  make gig short link  then post it .

I hope you will get order shortly .

Try to Be a active freelancer don't late to response buyer massage.
Try to avoid order cancelation rate. Provide always best service and earn 
positive feedback that help you more to grow.

 If  there have any wrong information then feel free to advice me.
If you have any more question ask me in the comment below. 

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Just checked your gigs. Even I could tell your English is not good.  Starting from your Description there is full of grammatical errors. With this who would trust you with their cv, proofreading, even translation ? And gigs with low skill ceiling like background removal, pdf to word etc.. has like tens of thousand of sellers with hundreds even thousands of reviews. It's most saturated category I can think of. I would have deleted all scam gigs like translating, proofreading and maybe just improve on that powerpoint presentation or sketching gig. 

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