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What is the nicest thing a buyer has ever told/written to you?


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...corny topic I know! I'm still icky - and it's Sunday, anyway, so trying to rest up and sip on huge mugs of tea! Whenever I feel down about work (I've been pretty uninspired due to being sick) I look back at my reviews as a 'yeah, I put all this effort into this for...these words! (..fine, the money as well!) 

So I'm curious - what was the nicest thing that someone has ever told you about your work? (it can be either in a review/message or even not on here!

I'll go first, though:

I had some 'issues' with a buyer once due to them opening the wrong file and they ended up calling me 'nice and patient'. While those were not the nicest things I've ever been told, they hit hard when I was - this - close to freaking out due to the misunderstanding! 

(bonus point for the funniest review you've ever gotten. I need a good laugh!)

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